JaneBuzJane’s “Dear Creator” Letter – Lorenz FE3H

Image of the character Lorenz from the game "Fire Emblem: Three Houses." He has long purple hair and ornate purple armor, and he is kneeling on one knee and kissing the hand of an unseen viewer as a beautiful purple sunset splays out behind him.

Hello! This is my “Dear Creator” letter for you to use if you are creating content for JaneBuzJane for Fire Emblem: Three Houses! I hope you have as much fun creating your content as I did creating this letter (ah, the mortifying ordeal of being known). Please note the order of ship names has no impact on who I prefer to bottom or top! 😊

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Besides the ships listed below, I am also fond of Lorenz/Ferdinand, Lorenz/Manuela, Lorenz/Jeralt, and Lorenz/Monsters! I don’t have specifics on those other than “Lorenz either getting wrecked or wrecking someone,” honestly.

  • Lorenz/Claude
  • Lorenz/Sylvain
  • Lorenz/Dimitri
  • Lorenz/Claude/Dimitri/Sylvain
  • Lorenz/Dimitri/Claude
  • Lorenz/Sylvain/Claude


  • I like it when Lorenz tops in most pairings, but I also love to see him bottoming for a lover in order to show them affection or make them feel comfortable.

  • Claude and Lorenz bicker often, but rarely fight.

  • Sylvain and Claude Do Not trust each other until they can set aside their suspicions of the other (often mitigated by Lorenz, somehow, some way).

  • Lorenz and Dimitri have crazy chemistry. Rather than making {Claude or Sylvain} jealous, sometimes they just like to watch Dimirenz and leer.

  • If writing modern AU or post-timeskip, please allow Lorenz to be a fairly experienced lover.

  • If you make any characters trans, I heavily prefer trans Dimitri or trans Sylvain.

  • If you’re creating A/B/O, I prefer omegas to have vaginas, and I also prefer Dimitri and Sylvain to be omegas while Claude and Lorenz are alphas.

  • Any relationship with Claude or Sylvain involved probably took a lot of forced communication and happened post-timeskip.

  • If you’re writing biological imperative kink, I prefer Claude and Lorenz to be Dominants while Dimitri and Sylvain are Submissives.

Tropes I Like

  • Rule 63 / Genderswap (if you make them lesbians I’ll be so happy)
  • Post-canon and all the war feels that go along with it
  • Modern AU
  • Domesticity
  • “Everybody lives” / Golden Route
  • Happy endings (of the literary variety)
  • Lorenz being happily put-upon to smother his significant others with love

Kinks I Like

My favorites are starred! And while these are specific kinks I love, feel free to add your own! The only ones I’m ambivalent about are vomit, scat, diapering, vore, and gore.

  • A/B/O ⭐
  • BDSM with impact play
  • Breeding ⭐ (if r63, I definitely enjoy dirty talk, cumtube dildos, trans HCs, etc.!)
  • Consensual non-consent
  • Cow bikinis/cow play ⭐
  • Biological Imperative kink
  • Cucking/cuckholding ⭐
  • Cunnilingus ⭐
  • Double penetration
  • Lingerie ⭐
  • Omorashi
  • Oviposition/eggs
  • Pony play ⭐
  • Public sex
  • Public use ⭐
  • Sex toys
  • Voyeurism
  • Wall sex / shows of strength

Do Not Wants (DNWs)

  • Hanahaki AU
  • Unhappy endings
  • Animal cruelty (a horse dying in battle or whatever is fine)
  • Kid fic (e.g. “Claurenz adopt a kid”)
  • Major character death
  • Teeth trauma

Pairing-Specific Prompts


  • I love the both of them growing up to overcome their suspicions about the other and learning to trust deeply. I love how much they both care for people, though Claude doesn’t often show it. I love how they can both snipe at one another in good humour, and how they know each other so well that their actual fights are absolutely devastating.

  • Scenarios I dream about daily, but that you are in no way obligated to fulfill: Claude rescuing Lorenz from {whump scenario} and helping him recover while having small, private crises about it, Lorenz wanting to try some kink that Claude’s initially ambivalent about but when it’s Lorenz he’s like “oh shit that’s fucking hot,” whirlwind honeymoon romance where they have sex under the stars and Lorenz gripes about the sand in his hair later, pre-timeskip fooling around that they insist doesn’t mean anything but years later they realize it definitely does, alpha/alpha Claude and Lorenz…

  • I really truly love any incarnation of the two of them! I’m down for PWP, fluff, angst… as long as it has a happy ending.


  • I feel like Lorenz and Dimitri are the glue that hold this foursome together lol

  • I love the idea of them coming together as Claude/Lorenz and Dimitri/Sylvain to form one big happy polycule.

  • I love Dimiclaude and Sylorenz developing a particular intimacy/affection, with Claudevain and Dimirenz struggling more to find common ground (though it happens eventually). I’d be totally happy to see a piece just between two of the characters, with the rest of the relationships/characters in the background of the story (they don’t all need to be onscreen).

  • I feel like they’re all disgustingly domestic and I can easily see PWP or fluff with them (but you are by no means limited to only that!).

Lorenz/Sylvain, Lorenz/Dimitri

  • I feel like both Sylvain and Dimitri have a lot of self-hate issues that could be solved by Lorenz’s deep compassion and care for his partners, and I would love to see Sylvain or Dimitri return that love to Lorenz in ways that he isn’t expecting.


  • I feel like pony play or cow play would be good with these ships (Sylvain and Dimitri are the beasts)

  • If either Sylvain or Dimitri has any sort of trauma, I feel like Lorenz would really love nothing more than to help them work through it in any way that he can.

Lorenz/Sylvain/Claude, Lorenz/Dimitri/Claude

  • I’m envisioning this ship as a couple who adds a third, but I don’t care or have a preference for who’s the established couple vs. who’s the third!

  • I think injury recovery or trauma would be beautiful, but I’m also down for pure fluff or smut. I’m easy, can you tell?

  • This would also be super cute if it featured Claude’s Commitment Issues! (Does adding a third make him flee? Does he struggle to articulate his feelings? Up to you!)

  • I also think that it would be interesting to explore one of the established couple having like, crazy chemistry with the new person, and the other part of the established couple having to be like “huh how does THIS make me feel.”

Again, these are just vibes! You don’t have to even think about these points if you would rather not. Feel free to explore and have fun, and thank you so much for creating for me!