JaneBuzJane’s “Dear Creator” Letter – SK8 the Infinity

Image from above of a notebook, coffee, and pen laying against a wood table. The notebook has the words "Gay Anime Boys" written across it, as if JaneBuzJane's Dear Creator Letter for Sk8 the Infinity is inside.

Hello! This is my “Dear Creator” letter for you to use if you are creating content for JaneBuzJane for SK8 the Infinity! I hope you have as much fun creating your content as I did creating this letter (ah, the mortifying ordeal of being known). Please note the order of ship names has no impact on who I prefer to bottom or top! 😊

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  • Joe/Cherry
  • Shadow/Miya
  • Shadow/Oka
  • Cherry/Mob (for fun)


  • I prefer Cherry not to be a passive lover, anxious lover, or “pillow princess.”
  • You can age Miya up if you like – I’m not picky.
  • Cherry and Joe bicker, but rarely fight.
  • If writing A/B/O, please allow omegas to have vaginas.

Tropes I Like

  • Rule 63/genderswap (Girls are… SO good)
  • Post-canon
  • High school era
  • “We’ve been best friends forever and just fell into being lovers”
  • Happy endings (of the literary variety)

Kinks I Like

My favorites are starred! And while these are specific kinks I love, feel free to add your own! The only ones I’m ambivalent about are vomit, scat, diapering, vore, and gore.

  • A/B/O ⭐
  • BDSM with impact play
  • Breeding ⭐ (if r63, I definitely enjoy dirty talk, cumtube dildos, trans HCs, etc.!)
  • Consensual non-consent
  • Cow bikinis/play ⭐
  • Cucking/cuckholding ⭐
  • Cunnilingus ⭐
  • Double penetration
  • Lingerie ⭐
  • Omorashi
  • Pony play ⭐
  • Public sex
  • Public use ⭐
  • Sex toys
  • Voyeurism
  • Wall sex / shows of strength

Do Not Wants (DNWs)

  • Hanahaki AU
  • Unhappy endings
  • Kid fic (e.g. “Joe and Cherry adopt a kid”)
  • Major character death
  • Teeth trauma

Pairing-Specific Prompts

Joe/Cherry (Matchablossom)

  • I find myself interested in what went down between them in high school and how Adam affected their relationship (if he did at all). Were they messing around before Adam left, and their relationship grew stronger? Did they only realize their feelings after Adam left? Up to you!

  • I also just like plain PWP with these two, whether high school era or canon era. I like the idea of the two of them feeling out what they mean to each other through kink.

  • Or they can just fuck against furniture and be happy, sated boyos. My preference is for Cherry topping, but Joe Big Dick/Pussy/Other is also a treat.

  • If you could fit in Cherry with a messy bun or braid, I’ll be yours forever.


  • I love these two! In my mind, Miya goes off to college or the Olympics or whatever and comes back with medals or a doctorate and wants to destroy Shadow’s big {orifice}. Maybe they meet up again? Or they’ve kept in touch, never quite talking about a flame that has come to life between them? Your call!

  • If you don’t want to age Miya up, I really, really like the use of a public use / public attendance A/B/O AU, where Miya gets struck with a rut or a heat and has to use Shadow for the duration of it. Just Miya being overwhelmed with how good sex feels for the first time. (Prefer no overly labored talk of explicit consent or safe sex here.)

  • I also love PWP with this pair. I don’t mind who tops/bottoms if you do penetration. Shadow in kitty ears or a schoolgirl uniform to appease Miya’s cauldron of 4chan-cultivated kinks would be dope.


  • I’d like to see Oka pursuing Shadow, if you don’t go down the “Established relationship” road. 

  • Another scenario I quite like the idea of is Dom Oka and sub Shadow – maybe Oka has to take Shadow down a peg after S. Or they fuck at a BDSM club!

  • I also love PWP with this pair. I don’t mind who tops/bottoms if you do penetration.


  • >:)

  • Just mess him up

  • Don’t break Carla though 🥺 Or any bones!